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Mexico/South American tour OVER! Disarm The Descent Tour is coming to a close! Looking forward to writing a new record!!

new record?!?!?! omg bye

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KsE Behind The Scenes - Mexico!

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Killswitch Engage @ São Paulo 08-23-2014

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Adam Dutkiewicz - Killswitch Engage

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New contender in Rio 2016 gymnastics

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Rose Of Sharyn/Killswitch Engage,

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in love with this *-*

"Helen Me"

"Rosa’s of Sharing"


"In Dude Thyme"

"My Purse!"

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Killswitch Engage - Rock al Parque, Colombia 2014

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Killswitch Engage ABC | I for Instagram

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I personally don’t like DYK as much as I was hoping (think I was expecting it to be as amazing as ToG) but I wouldn’t say they suck by any means. The songs aren’t very memorable to me though.
Same here actually, there are only a couple songs that stick with me, but that’s pretty much it. I kind of saw it coming, considering the type of music John and Francesco make.
They sound nothing like KsE, though.
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Anonymous said:

I think that Howard's new band sucks, it's nothing like Killswitch Engage :(

What did you expect though, a replica of Killswitch Engage?

Devil You Know isn’t supposed to sound like Killswitch Engage, you numbskull. They are two different bands!

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Killswitch engage 

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FROMTHEPIT - Killswitch Engage | NJ 2004

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Oh look, pictures from the creepy eyebrow incident! lmao